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personnel recruitment

First, the foreign trade clerk:

1 sex, at least more than one year around the tablet, computer peripherals, routers, smart phones and other related products foreign trade work experience.

English level for more than six oral fluency and written communication skills.

Familiar with the specific operation of the platform of Alibaba, Global Sources, able to effectively track all inquiry.

External sales insights, customers can take advantage of a variety of foreign trade tools developed independently.

(5) learning ability to adapt to various work environments, with a good attitude, can withstand a certain pressure.

Dedicated work, work carefully, strong sense of responsibility, courage, the courage to challenge.

The company has a long-term strategic planning, individuals have a broad space for development.

Paid Chengpin

Monthly salary = salary + commission + bonus

Ability monthly income of tens of thousands of

Second, the sales representative:

Sales representative job requirements:

A college degree or above. Science and engineering or electronics professional priority

2 tablet peripherals, computer peripherals, routers, smart phones, and other related product sales experience is preferred

3 aged 20 to 40-year-old female. Requires a strong sense of responsibility, willing to challenge yourself, can bear hardships and stand hard work, team spirit.

Familiar with the promotion and maintenance of the site. Familiar with the network of sales channels and have corresponding sales experience is preferred.

5. Relevant industry experience is preferred.

6. Treatment interviews.