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Enterprise culture

The culture of our company:

The culture of our company:

The name of a company is the expression and extension of the core notion of a company.

Harmony :Harmony comes from Chinese traditional and commercial  notion. All the people get together friendly,and t money comes from friendly cooperation. Harmony  also means gathering together, accumulating and developing  enduringly.

Chips : We focus on the design ,research, sales of chips according to our major products’ design and  train of thought . We also follow  the major trend of the world consumption,spur on our company’s design and exploration  ,based on the market orientation and following commercial principles, which is the core commercial  thought of our company.

Profit: According to the market need, we drive consumption  with the latest products  and heighten the clients ‘ needs to new classes and create new consumption,to make the  two sides both get profit.. We always base our production on  harmony,and grant  decision-making power and creativity to our staff. The best goodness is the quality of water and goodness moists ethics.,the result of which is a great deal o f money comes to us.

Morality: The original meaning of morality is adapting to the nature and society and do our task  according to the basic needs of human being.We will never violate the natural development to exlpore the nature,develop the society and expand our line of business.our company enhance virture as our core of value notion,that is to say,virture is the carrier of all the commercial acivitity  of the chips’ designing and selling .A product which is successful and high recognized by the clients is the embody of  virute  .

Conclusion: The name of origo,combining with the project of our company’s connecting to the internet by wireless ways ,means putting up a somth ,quick and convenient communication and interchange platform based on the notion of regarding harmony as highly valued and putting harmony before all the things first.