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Development history

 Development history

Corechips,  the company recognized by ShenZhen City government as a new and high technology enterprise in the year of 2013,is always focusing on the exploration of the internet and the periphery products of the internet.

 The company put out the 2.0  controlling chip of USB communication connecter. The chip   is used in the solution such as  USB transmiter RS232,RS422 and RS485 transferer,USB used in industry controlling etc.

The company put out the controlling electronic line RD6891 of the adapter used in the internet WIFI,which is used  in the   wire agreement transferred to wireless ones and the solution of WIFI adapter of the internet .

The company put out   RD6862 controlling chip of receiprocal copy,which is very convenient for the clients to connect two computers with USB line and is used in one computer(the computer is called the Host which is connected with the internet)and is set up specifically.RD6862 makes the computer connected with it ,the client , visit the internet

RD6863 USB connecter ,communication controlling chip, is  used in the Solution of transferation controlling of USB interface and RS232 connecter..

  Chip RD 6865  ,the USB combinater printing commnication chip is used in the solution of transferation  between the USB connecter and combinater/ (25pin)/ and the printing connecter(36pin)

Printing chip RD 6872 used in PCI connecter and printing combinater  is used in the solution of explorating  of PCI tranferred to combinater and connecter.

chip SR 9600 , USB changed  to the internet controllong chip , is widely used in the adapter of the intenet,HUB, the stretching base of the computer,tablet computer,notebook computer and all the solution of embeded system

Attain  Controlling chip SR9600 of USB used in the internet  and the software used in the realization of driving under Windows XP.

Attain the controlling chip SR9600 of the USB used in the internet and the software used in the realization of driving under Android.