The SR6873 is a PCI based quad-channel high performance UART controller. The SR6873 offers 16-
Bytes transmit and receive FIFOs for each UART channel. The SR6873 performs serial-to-parallel
conversions on data received from a peripheral device, and parallel-to-serial conversions on data
received from its CPU. Both UARTs are fully compatible with the 16c550.
The SR6873 is ideally suited for PC applications, such as high speed COM ports. The SR6873 is
available in a 100-pin LQFP package. It is fabricated using an advanced submicron CMOS process to
achieve low drain power and high-speed requirements.
􀁺 Low Power
􀁺 PCI compatible quad UART
􀂗 16-Byte Transmit & Receive FIFOs
􀂗 Programmable Baud Rate Generators
􀂗 Modem Control Signals
􀂗 5, 6, 7, & 8-bit Characters
􀂗 Even, Odd, No Parity, or Force Parity
􀂗 Status report capability
􀂗 Compatible with 16C550
􀂗 Supports serial data rate up to 115Kbps
􀁺 Re-map function for legacy ports
􀁺 Programmable mode selection through EEPROM
􀁺 100-pin “Lead Free” LQFP package
􀁺 Portable backup units
􀁺 Embedded applications
􀁺 High speed modems
􀁺 Monitoring equipment
􀁺 Add-on I/O cards
􀁺 Serial networking
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