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Full-time job recruitment

Full-time  job recruitment

Position: sales engineer

Post responsibilities:

1.Be responsible for the company‘s product sales and promotion;

2.Complete the department‘s sales quota according to the marketing plan;

3.Develop new markets,develop new customers and increase the scope of products sales;

4.Be responsible for information collection of markets and competitors;

5.Be responsible for the planning and implementation of sales projects in the area in charge and accomplish sales tasks;

6.Manage and maintain customer relationship and long term strategic cooperation plan among customers

Job qualification:

1. Have junior college degree or above junior college degree;

2.Have 1-2 year‘s working experience in sales , the one who has outstanding performance is preferred.

3. Be quickly reactive, have strong expression ability, have strong communication and interaction skills, have affinity;

4.Have a certain ability of market analysis and judgement , have strong customer service awareness;

5. Have the sense of responsibility, be able to bear great working pressure;

6. Have team cooperation spirit, be good at meeting challenge.