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introduction of company

                   A brief introduction of our company 

            ShenZhen Corechips Science and Technology Co.,Ltd., founded in september 2009,mainly focuses on the sales and research of chips.It is a high technology enterprise possesses knowledge property right and core technolgy of its own .The company mainly design the net solutions of computer,spurs  on a strategy of market orientation,is  always following the consumption tendency of tablet computer and Android closely.we provide the relative trades with highly efficient ways of connecting with the internet   with a  iniative thought and put out many solutions of the relative products with a high regard of the market.

             Our company owning the first class design envoirment of hardware and software,adopting the tools providing by the advancing manufacturer in the world such as Cadence,Synopsys, Mentor Graphics ,is  setting up a complete designing circle of promgraming ,imitating ,Synthesising ,physical realization , owning perfect ways of  spar  ,equipping and sealing testing.

             7 people in the software team are  divided into two team groups. The technician with 7 years of exploration is in charge of all the projects.The team .equipped with highly skilled personnel is  providing the clients with X86 ,and the embeded ARM,MIPS platform clients with techinical support, can guarantee the high quality of products based on Windows and Andriod.The team members grasp the technology of Basic, C,C++,,comprehend the standard agreement of USB,the  communication  contract of TCP/IP/Http . possess experience of net Socket programming and own the original understanding  of Windows based on X86 and the system of Linux. All the personnel in the team also have the experience of  many years’software exploration ralting to the embed ARM ,MIPS cores.

           The team has exploited  many products such as USB transferring to other connecter /printing connecter based on Windows including operating environment such as  Vista,WIN7,USB transferred to other connecter,USB net card, PCI transferred to other connecter, PCI transferred to other connecter and other software of driving ,setting up ,taking apart,  mending of software , and testing   software of products.Our company successfully opens up net card USB based on ARM, MIPS  and the driving of system WinCE,Linux of the USB  needed by platform study machine .

The team is famaliar with  Linux system, which has landed in China in the next half of  the year 2009, has finished the exploration of transplant based on the structures of  ARM, MIPS and the opening up of the usage,and is equipped with abundant  experience of Android exploration.

        The company has successfully putting out the driving of USB card based on Android 2.1 and Android 2.2.It aims to finish the research mission of Android 2.3 inthe first half of May.If your company has the explorating need of Android ,our team can satisfy your needs. The time of exploration is 2 to 3 weeks. Our products are as folloss, USB transferred to other connecters, USB transferred to printing connecter, the controlling chips of WIFI adapter. Our company provides the clients with all the products design program such as the outlook of products , finished products and  all the service of design, production, ,after sales service for the clients from our highly skilled personnels. Owning to our company’s knowledge property right and  software advantage,our products has high market regard, glorious market future and splendid sales